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We bring Company Values to Life,
through our unique blend of Entertainment, Wellness, and Team Building.

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At Umbrella Ship, we believe in the power of authentic expression and play. We offer an innovative blend of entertainment, wellness, and team building packages designed to unleash your employee's unique brilliance. Our team of expert facilitators, artists, and performers bring a wealth of experience in special events, creative arts, mindfulness, and a range of expressive art forms such as theater improv, clowning, and dance.


We specialize in working with organizations that seek to inspire and ignite their employees' passion through creative exploration and personal empowerment.  Our corporate culture formula creates a thriving team dynamic fueled by personal empowerment and curiosity. We create employee engagements that inspire and excite! 

Corporate Events & Entertainment | Umbrella Ship Entertainment and Wellness | San Diego
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Our high-impact offerings utilize theatrical entertainment, immersive environments, music, movement arts, and mindfulness practices. We custom design and curate our Entertainment and wellness packages as in-person or virtual, weekly, ad-hoc one-offs, and as part of a consistent company wellness program. 


Each of our programs and events encompasses a holistic approach to your employees’ overall wellbeing, productivity, creativity, and joy. We put thoughtful consideration into customizing a design that invigorates, inspires, and coheres employees, establishing a more profound sense of awareness, abundance, and camaraderie.  Our tailored offerings address the human experience of a company, inspiring curiosity and connection.

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What Makes Us Unique

Our team of master artists, designers, and facilitators have diverse backgrounds in special events, creative arts, Complementary and alternative medicine, and master facilitators of theater improv, clown, dance, and other expressive art forms. We specialize in working with organizations that want to inspire and ignite their employees’ passion through a sense of curious playfulness and safe risk-taking in a supportive team environment.  

Our approach to holistic corporate entertainment and wellness encourages guests to interact and engage by creating physical and social environments that help them clear their minds and energize their focus. 

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