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Teamwork makes the dreamwork !

Umbrella Ship Entertainment and wellness’s team of Dreamers and consultants excavate the inner dynamics of your project and guide your team through a creative journey that enables you to see through the obstacles and into the possibilities.   We provide a framework designed to focus on the root of your creative potential, inspiring a natural progression of letting go and tuning in.  

 Our consulting and cultivating program fosters healthy interpersonal dynamics and establishes a framework you and your company can rely on for years to come.   

Our team-building programs inspire creativity while promoting problem-solving skills. Theater improv, clown workshops, and dance are proven to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain, resulting in physically, socially, and intellectually higher functioning individuals.

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Consulting and Cultivating  

Umbrella Ship's facilitators will guide you and your team through the creative process of curiosity and discovery via workshops and breakout sessions geared towards inspiring the imagination and empowering your team. We create a safe space for the mind to explore the myriad possibilities via curated group brainstorming sessions, guided play, creative visualization, decluttering the mind, and journaling.
We engage the problem-solving processes in exciting and empowering ways that inspire people to take risks and generate ideas.

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Clown workshops allow you to relish in the natural process of curiosity and discovery while becoming more comfortable with the concept of failure as a means of creativity and play.   The clown utilizes the timeless art of PLAY to unearth the genuinely wonderful person you are.

Our Clown workshops offer a safe container for exploration and team-building via silliness and Play, inspiring you to take more chances via creative exploration.  The clown can help you achieve more of your goals both at work and in your personal life.   The clown's playful relationship with “the now”  keeps them present and buoyant amongst the most adverse conditions.

Explore the expanding art of Play with us! 

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How awesome will it be for your company to walk into an industry convention and perform a choreographed dance routine?  


It will be the absolute Coolest! 


Ensemble dance is all about teamwork and working together to achieve a common goal.  While a dancer begins to find their unique movement they also learn to work with and naturally complement their fellow dancers creating a harmoniously diverse and cohesive group.  

Challenging ourselves to overcome low-risk difficulties enables us to grow as people and achieve new levels of excellence. 

Learning how to dance is also guaranteed to make you feel good!



Improvisation classes are a direct pathway to gaining confidence and feeling more comfortable speaking to a group of people.  Because your fellow participants are in the same boat as you,  you get to relax into feeling silly or scared. We’re all succeeding, failing, and playing together!  

Improvisation classes benefit you and your company by helping you make new friends, deepen your existing personal relationships and establish strong core values of camaraderie and teamwork.

Live improvisation classes teach you how to be more mindful,  find time to play, not take yourself so seriously, and ultimately go with the flow.  They also help you become a better listener and overall more imaginative and Creative. Progress and innovation involve risk; Improvisation classes allow participants to feel comfortable in a state of sustained risk-taking.

Build Your Dream Team with Us!

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