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Say goodbye to the traditional office grind and hello to a world where work and relaxation exist in perfect harmony, thanks to our corporate wellness program.

Our philosophy centers around treating the whole person - mind, body, and spirit - to empower employees through authentic expression and holistic care.

Our services include sound therapy, meditation, tea ceremonies, aroma therapy, journaling, yoga, breathwork, and qi-gong, which can be customized to your specific needs. We can bring our services to your office or event, creating a serene and relaxing environment for employees to decompress and recharge. 


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Did you know that something as simple as controlled breathing can unlock a world of health benefits?  Try it out, take a deep breath, and release a relaxing exhale.  

Didn’t that feel good? 


Breathwork is a powerful tool for reducing stress, increasing alertness, and boosting your immune system. It's amazing how something we take for granted, like breathing, can significantly impact our well-being. People who practice breathwork describe feeling invigorating sensations throughout their body, an increased mind-body connection, and a sense of clarity and alertness.


Breathwork also has a range of benefits beyond just relaxation. It alkalizes your blood PH, reduces inflammation, inspires emotional release, lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol levels, and elevates mood. So inhale deeply and discover the magic of breathwork - your mind, body, and coworkers will thank you.

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Meditation is a powerful tool that helps us focus on the present moment and tune out mental distractions. This practice has been shown to have various physical and mental benefits, including reducing anxiety and depression, improving focus and attention, increasing self-awareness, and promoting overall well-being. By heightening our physical and mental awareness, meditation can inspire a sense of interoception, allowing us to break free from negative thought patterns and experience profound gratitude for life and the present moment.


Introducing this practice into the workplace will create an environment that supports and nurtures employees' mental and emotional health, leading to greater job satisfaction, employee retention, and enriching company culture.

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Are you looking to bring harmony and focus to your workplace? Look no further than Qigong, an ancient Chinese practice that combines gentle movements, controlled breathing, and meditation. With a history spanning thousands of years, Qigong has been shown to improve circulation, boost the immune system, and promote relaxation.


Introducing Qigong into the workplace can lead to a range of benefits for employees, including improved posture, increased flexibility, and enhanced mood. By optimizing immune function and neurotransmitter production, this practice can also boost overall health and wellness. And let's not forget - it's also a fun and engaging way to add variety to your workday. So why not give Qigong a try and see how it can enhance your work and life?

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Immerse yourself in a symphony of serenity with our sound therapy experience. Our practitioners guide you through a meditative journey as you bathe in a soundscape created by a variety of instruments. Each instrument adds a unique layer to the auditory tapestry, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation.


Sound baths have a rich history dating back centuries and have been used by cultures all over the globe to balance the mind and body, improve sleep, and reduce stress and anxiety. As you surrender to the sounds, allow yourself to let go of any worries or distractions and tune in to the healing power of sound.

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Indulge in a moment of mindfulness one sip at a time with our tea meditation. This ancient ritual is a meditative practice that involves preparing and serving tea with intention. Our experienced practitioners will guide you through the ceremony, helping you to fully immerse in the present moment and connect with the subtle flavors and aromas of the tea. As you sip and savor, you'll feel a sense of relaxation and inner peace wash over you.


Deeping our connection to the present moment through sensory experiences is a powerful tool in grounding, soothing the mind, enhancing mental clarity, and entering a flow state.

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Designed with office employees in mind, Yin Yoga, a slow-paced practice that targets connective tissues to release the tension caused by prolonged periods of sitting at a desk.


Unlike other forms of yoga that emphasize active movements, YIN Yoga's long holds of poses for 3-5 minutes can improve circulation, flexibility, and range of motion while soothing the mind and reducing stress.


Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, YIN Yoga is a gentle and nourishing way to restore balance and harmony to your body and mind. Join us for a class and discover the profound benefits of YIN Yoga that will leave you feeling restored and revitalized, with a newfound sense of ease and comfort in your body.

Create a Holistic Employee Wellness Plan!

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